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Shul Bulletin

New Kovetz From Rabbi Raichik

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to download the latest kovetz from Rabbi Raichik
Minhogei Chabad
Excerpts from sichos
about the importance of minhagim and their profound effect on our lives.

The pamphlet is being presented in honor of Yud Alef Nisan, the birthday of the Rebbe. This year is the 113th birthday of the Rebbe. On Yud Alef Nisan we begin saying the 114th chapter of Tehillim which mentions Yetzias Mitzrayim and Krias Yam Suf and how the Jewish people were elevated by the exodus and how nature was overwhelmed by Hashem's intervention.

The redemption took place in the merit of the Jewish people's not changing their names, their dress or their language. By this they continued in the ways of our forefathers and stayed connected.

So too in our times. Through our careful observance of Chabad minhagim and upholding Chabad standards we continue in their ways and strengthen our connection to the Rabbeim, our forefathers.

We present to you this pamphlet which contains articles about Chabad customs and Chabad standards. Appropriate to this time, it is being given out on the eve of the festival of Pesach, days filled with special customs.

We also know that the Rebbe spoke often about minhagim and encouraged their careful observance. He placed great emphasis on publishing and publicizing Chabad minhagim.

By continuing in their ways may we all merit the exodus from this last and final galus and the splitting of the Jordan River immediately, with the revelation of Moshiach Now!

A Kasher and Freilichen Pesach
Rabbi Shimon Raichik


Public Seder


Dear Fellow Chassidim,

We all know how dear it is to the Rebbe that every single yid be present at a Seder. All the sichos about the fifth child....,

Be'ezras HASHEM this year, CLY, in conjunction with Chabad of Hancock Park and Chabad of Larchmont will be hosting a seder at Yeshiva-Ohr-Elchonon-Chabad for ANY yid who needs a place.

While there is a suggested donation of 36/per person, it is just that: a suggested amount, which many will not be paying.

In honor of Yud Aleph Nissan, please reach out to neighbors, business associates, yidden you've once met and encourage them to join! Please send them to our link or ask them to call 323-886-0770 or email 

The cost for the meal, matzah and wine and other supplies (including renting fridges etc), totals approx 36 per Person per night. Since there are many Yidden who cannot afford to pay, pls consider sponsoring one or more Yidden to participate, so we can accommodate the large demand. Please reply to this email or send an email to with any amount of Yidden you are willing to sponsor to join this seder. 

To donate online please go to
mention "public seder" in the purpose box.

As you begin your seder, you will know that you enabled yet another yid to partake in a seder.

Let's hope we can bring much Nachas to our beloved Rebbe, and that we can be Zocheh to spend Pesach in Yerushalyim with Moshiach!

Announcements - Tzav

  • Click here for this week’s JEM “Here’s My Story”. 
  • Click here for the KYY update.
  • Click here for a list of our ongoing shiurim. 
  • Click here to pay up all your kibud pledges and outstanding membership. Thank you to all of our supporters!!!
  • SUNDAY, Nisan 10/March 30, 8 pm in shul, farbrengen for men in honor of 11 Nisan with rabbi Yecheskel Kornfeld of Seattle WA. Click here for more info.
  • SUNDAY: Jewish Fire Safety Symposium. Sunday 9 Nisan/March 29, 4 pm at 8906 W Pico Blvd. Click here for more info. 
  • As Yud Alef Nissan is rapidly approaching, once again a group of Anash and bochrim have been organizing the 4th annual “Mitzvah Tank Parade” in honor of the Rebbe’s 113th birthday, as a community present to the Rebbe.  Click here for more info. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS SUNDAY. 
  • Nichum Aveilim:
    Mrs. Judy Kagan is sitting shiva in NY until Sunday for the passing of her mother Mrs. Rechtche Rappaport ob"m. Phone: 323-864-2641. Email: Hamakom Yenachem Eschem B'soch Sheor Avalei Tzion V'yerushalayim. Vehukeetzu Veranenu Shochnay Ufur vehe besochom!
    Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin is sitting shiva in NY until Wednesday for the passing of her father Reb Chaim Serebryanski ob"m. Phone: (323) 363-7973. Email: Hamakom Yenachem Eschem B'soch Sheor Avalei Tzion V'yerushalayim. Vehukeetzu Veranenu Shochnay Ufur vehu besochom! 

Announcements - Pesach

For details regarding the laws of preparations for Pesach
(including kashring kitchen etc).
Please see the “Chabad Chodesh” by clicking here. 

  • Ads: The Shul has a web page for members to advertise their goods or services leading up to Pesach. If you want to be featured, please email us your flyer or announcement. Attachments must be in pdf or jpeg format. Note: The shul reserves the right to reject and/or modify any submission for any reason. Click here to see the page.  
  • Maos Chitim: Those who would like to give money for Maos Chitim please go to, or give a check to Rabbi Raichik.
  • Koshering Keilim: Hag’olas Keilim will be done next door to the shul in the parking lot of Beis Yehudah, Tue. Wed. & Thurs, 12 - 5 pm.
  • Selling Chometz: Rabbi Raichik will be available in the Shul to sell your Chometz from 9 to 10 am, and for a half hour after Maariv, or by appointment. 
  • If you are leaving out of state, there is a special mechiras chometz form for a sale that will be done earlier. Rabbi Raichik will accept these forms until Thursday 11 AM.
  • Shaimos: Please DO NOT bring your shaimos to shul. There are shaimos services that will pick up for a small fee. The Yeshiva also has a shaimos depository. Shaimos left in the shul ends up in the garbage.
  • Lockers & Personal Items: Please remember to clean out your lockers of any chometz and remove all personal items from any public areas. ANYTHING LEFT WILL BE THROWN AWAY.
  • Matzah: As every year the Shul will help people buy Matzah, for themselves or for Mivtzoim. Please call and order, let us know what you need and when you will be picking it up. (We will provide envelopes and brochures). 

Shabbos Schedule - Tzav

  • Shabbos Candle Lighting: 6:51
  • Shiur in the Rebbe's Sichos by Rabbi Raichik following Maariv.
  • Chassidus, Starbucks and babysitting: 8:40-9:30 sharp @ 118 S Orange Dr. 
  • Chassidus for Early Minyan with Rabbi Zalman Friedman: 8:45 am
  • Shiur Chassidus by Rabbi Raichik: 9:00 am
  • Last Time To Read Shema: 9:52 am
  • Early Minyan Shacharis: 9:30 am
  • Shacharis: 10:00 am
  • Kol Yakov Yehuda: 10:15 am
  • Mesibas Shabbos For Girls: 4:30 pm
  • Shiur in Hilchos Pesach: 5:45 pm 
  • Mincha: 6:50 pm
  • After Mincha we say the Hagodah.
  • Shabbos Ends: 7:54 pm

Kiddush Sponsors - Tzav

  • Mr. & Mrs. Milton Goodman for the yahrtzeit of Mr. Milton Goodman Mr. Milton Goodman’s brother Reb Avrohom ben Reb ob"m. May the neshomo have an aliya.
  • Dr. & Mrs. Ze'ev Rav-Noy for the yahrtzeit of Dr. Ze'ev Rav-Noy’s grandmother Rosa Rochel bas Yitzchok Alter ob"m. May the neshomo have an aliya.

Early Minyan Kiddush Sponsors - Tzav

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuel Raigorodsky in honor of Rabbi Berel Schusterman’s birthday. May he have a shnas hatzlocho begashmiyus ubruchniyus.
    Also for all the miracles and kindness Hashem has shown their family. May Hashem continue to shower them and the entire community with kol tuv sela.
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Berel Schusterman in honor of Rabbi Berel Schusterman’s birthday. May he have a shnas hatzlocho begashmiyus ubruchniyus. 

Women's Shabbos Shiur - Tzav

6:00 pm - At the home of Mrs. Sima Zeifman
421 N Poinsettia Pl.
Speaker: Rabbi Levi Kramer

Mazal Tov To - Tzav

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Zalmen Schmukler on the marriage of their grandson Ephraim Paltiel to Chaya Chazan.
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Thaler on the birth of their granddaughter (to Zalmi & Shoshi Thaler.)

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Menachem Mendel Winograd - 8 Nisan
  • Mr. Gidon Fine - 9 Nisan
  • Mr. Gaby Silver - 11 Nisan
  • Rabbi Shmuel Raigorodsky - 12 Nisan
  • Rabbi Berel Schusterman - 13 Nisan
  • Mr. Boruch Greenbaum - 13 Nisan
  • Mr. Chaim Chodorow - 13 Nisan

Upcoming Anniversaries

  • Mr. & Mrs. Allan Stark - 8 Nisan
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Yakov Greenbaum - 11 Nisan

Upcoming Yahrtzeits

  • Sara Rivka bas Reb Elkana Halevi (Mr. Pesach Kornreich’s mother) - 8 Nisan
  • Reb Avrohom Yitzchok ben Reb Mordechai (Mr. Yanky Bloch’s father) - 8 Nisan
  • Rosa Rochel bas Yitzchok Alter (Dr. Ze'ev Rav-Noy’s grandmother) - 10 Nisan 
  • Reb Avrohom ben Reb Yisroel (Mr. Milton Goodman’s brother) - 10 Nisan
  • Reb Chaim Yosef ben Harav Yehuda Tzvi (Rabbi Shmuel Fogelman’s brother) - 12 Nisan

Devar Torah - Tzav

What does Yud Aleph Nissan or Pesach mean to me Today?
By Rabbi Shimon Raichik

This coming Tuesday will be Yud Aleph Nissan, the Rebbe’s birthday. In a Chai Elul Sicha (5703-1943) the Previous Rebbe quoted the words of the Tzemach Tzedek. He explained to his son Reb Baruch Shalom what occurs in the higher worlds on the birthday of the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe and how powerfully it affects us. The same holds true for Yud Aleph Nissan. The best things for us to do on this auspicious day is to strengthen our connection by saying Tehillim, writing a pan, going on mivtzoyim, and preparing for Pesach.

When we ask others what the Lubavitcher Rebbe represents, we get differing answers. One will say that he is best understood by his Ahavas Yisroel; how he thinks about every Jew wherever he is and worried to do as much as possible to help each person according to his or her needs. We see during his distribution of dollars where he listened and cared for each person on an individual basis. By the Rebbe there was no such thing as a Jew being left behind. Others will point to the teachings of the Rebbe, the depths of his Sichos, explanations of Rashi and Rambam and his Maamorim. Others will point to the Rebbe’s leadership and innovation that has changed and continues to change the world in a lasting way. (See Letter from the Rebbe the 3rd of Tammuz 5710-1950, which explains that a Rebbe is even more than all of the above) 

In a sicha on Yud Shevat 5730-1970 the 20th year after Yud Shevat 5710, the Rebbe spoke about chinuch and the upcoming generation. He quoted the pasuk; “Ki yishalcha bincha machar- When your child will ask you tomorrow what are these laws etc.” He then quoted Rashi on the word machar-tomorrow who gives two definitions. One is a literal definition, meaning tomorrow. The second definition of tomorrow means; further in the future, or at a distance. The Rebbe explains that there are two different types of children that will ask this question. One child understands and has a feeling for what his father is saying because although he is in a different generation they share a common language and therefore this child is asking from the vantage point of tomorrow, close by, meaning literally the very next day. The second son feels out of touch and because he doesn’t speak a common language finds the previous generation irrelevant to him. This is because he is not able to appreciate the Torah’s message and then translate it properly properly. For this son tomorrow is far off in the distance. The Torah tells us not to worry, that the Torah has a vital and relevant message for him as well.

As it was in 5730-1970, 20 years after Yud Shevat 5710, so too today we approach 20 years since Gimmel Tammuz, and today also there are also two sons. There is one that lives in today’s generation but remains connected and shares a common language. He is able to see the vital relevance of the message of the Torah and Chassidus in the same way as in the past if not more. Sure there are challenges, and sure there are questions. Nevertheless they stay strongly connected and therefore are a directly involved. Their questions are like questions asked the very next day, from close up. There are others who have not been able, for whatever reason to maintain a strong connection between what they were taught yesterday and integrate it into their lifestyle today. The greater the distance the greater their challenge to connect to what it really means to be a Chabad Chosid today. They will start with terms of indifference, saying to the older generation; you saw the Rebbe, you experienced the fabrengens etc., what do you expect from me?

Another place we see this in a less obvious way is in how we view the mitzvah of ahavas Yisroel. In this age of moral relativism, to some it means to be open to everyone no matter what and not to criticize anyone. On one hand while that is a very beautiful thing, on the other hand something essential is missing. Sometimes we know others that are living a harmful lifestyle, and it’s as if they are calling out for help. They need a friend, a parent or mashpia to pay attention, to get involved and express their concern. We owe it to our friend our child and our student. To be able to sit down and explain why his situation is wanting and how he can improve is real ahavas Yisroel. Where is the ahavas Yisroel if we just to look the other way? He needs our help! Have we forgotten these basics? Is the tomorrow of today become too distant and out of touch? We need to reconnect and relearn what we have been taught.

In this generation of ours some think that Chabad has become an umbrella organization. Chabad is not a rainbow coalition made up of the Ultra Chassidic, Regular Chassidic, Modern Chassidic and Chabad Lite. It is not a Chabad thing to look the other way and just love everyone. The Rebbe taught us by example over and again the exact opposite. We need to get involved, to reach out and share chassidus and pay attention to our friend, child and our student and point out his situation and how it compares. We can then suggest ways to improve. It’s not politically incorrect, it’s our responsibility to teach, show and live the life of a Lubavitcher Chosid as taught in the Rebbe’s Sichos and letters. 

Throughout the 12 days of reciting the Nasi, the day of Yud Aleph Nissan and throughout Pesach we are given the power to break free of our habits.  So as we sit by the Seder, 3 ½ thousand years after the exodus we we remind ourselves that we have one Hashem, one Torah, one Chassidus and one Moshe Rabbenu. Our job is to open the channel of connection and tap into the power of the Nasiim, Yud Aleph Nissan and Pesach by doing all of the mitzvos and observing all of the minhagim. The effect is powerful. A kosher and freilichen Pesach.

New Masechta starting tonight

Rabbi Bukiet's nightly gemoro shiur will be starting mesechta Moed Koton tonight.

It's a great chance to join a great shiur.
Every night between mincha and maariv.

See you soon!

Bd"e - Mrs. Rechtche Rappaport ob"m

Mrs. Judy Kagan
is sitting shiva in NY until Sunday for the passing of her mother
Mrs. Rechtche Rappaport ob"m

Phone: 323-864-2641

Hamakom Yenachem Eschem B'soch Sheor Avalei Tzion V'yerushalayim. 
Vehukeetzu Veranenu Shochnay Ufur vehe besochom! 

Tank Parade

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Jewish Fire Safety Symposium

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