Shul Bulletin

Bd"e: Mrs. Sara Mishulovin ob"m

With great sadness we inform the community of the passing of
Mrs. Sara Mishulovin,
Fruma Sara bas Benzion Moshe,
after a lengthy illness.  

Her husband, R’ Dovid Mishulovin, is not being informed of his wife’s passing.

She is survived by her children Benzion (Benny) Mishulovin (Los Angeles), Feiga Bisk (Toronto), Rivka Tewel (New York),  Boruch Mishulovin (New York), Yosef Yitzchok (Yossi) Mishulovin, (Los Angeles), and Michoel Mishulovin (Moscow). 

 She is survived by many grandchildren and great grandchildren.   

Levaya information
The levaya will be by Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon facing East at 2pm for people to drive by to say Tehillim and ask Mechila.  Please do not get out of your car.  The procession will then drive past Rabbi Citron’s shul Ahavas Yisroel Synagogue. 

The kevura will be attended by a private minyan.

Zoom link for Levaya at Beis Hachayim st 2:45pm.

Join URL:

Shiva information
By email: [email protected]

 By phone/text/what’s app:
Benny - 323 336 7080
Rivka - 917 498 8174 

Chabad Chodesh - Iyar

The new issue of the "Chabad Chodesh"
is now available online by clicking here 

Announcements - Tazria -Metzorah

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Shabbos Schedule - Tazria -Metzorah

  • Shabbos Candle Lighting: 7:15 pm
  • Last Time To Read Shema: 9:30 am
  • Shabbos Ends: 8:18 pm

 Reminders for this Shabbos:

  • Add Yaleh Ve’Yovo in davening and benching.
  • Half Halel after Shacharis
  • Review the Parsha, Maftir of Rosh Chodesh & The 3 Haftoros (Tazria, Metzora & Shabbos Rosh Chodesh
  • Special Musaf for Shabbos Rosh Chodesh
  • After Mincha - Pirkei Avos Chapter 2.


  • 9:30pm Melava Malka online with Rabbi Raichik on Zoom - Meeting ID: 435 263 4589 Password: 770. Click here to Join

Mazal Tov To - Tazria -Metzorah

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Rabbi Mendel Goldman - 1 Iyar
  • Aharon Yosef Kahan - 3 Iyar
  • Ephraim Davidoff - 3 Iyar
  • Mr. Moshe Davidoff - 4 Iyar
  • Mr. David Rafael Gutierrez - 4 Iyar
  • Rabbi Sholom Langsam - 5 Iyar
  • Rabbi Ami Pykovski - 5 Iyar
  • Aryeh Hoffman - 5 Iyar
  • Rabbi Asher Habibian - 5 Iyar
  • Mr. Zalman Roth - 5 Iyar
  • Aryeh Habibian - 6 Iyar

Upcoming Anniversaries

  • Mr. & Mrs. Shimon Benarroch - 1 Iyar

Upcoming Yahrtzeits

  • Reb Leibish Ephraim ben Reb Aaron (Mr. Berl Sroka’s father) - 3 Iyar
  • Reb David ben Reb Yitzchok (Mr. Reuven Horwitz’s father) - 6 Iyar
  • Reb Yaakov ben Reb Menachm Mendel Hilel (Mrs. Chana Leeba Raichik’s father) - 6 Iyar
  • Harav Yisroel ben Reb Shneur Zalman Halevy (Rabbi Mendel Duchman’s father) - 6 Iyar
  • Henya Chasha bas Reb Zusman (Rabbi Gershon Schusterman’s mother) - 7 Iyar

Devar Torah - Tazria -Metzorah

With one Act we Can Sanitize the Entire World and Bring Moshiach

By Rabbi Shimon Raichik

This week’s parsha is Tazria-Metzora and this past Wednesday was the 28th of Nissan. The parsha speaks about leprosy-tzaras,  a spiritual malady  with physical symptoms.  

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that everything we see and hear is a lesson in our service of Hashem. What are the lessons  from the many striking similarities between the current pandemic of coronavirus and  what is described in this week's parsha? 

With regard to tzaras,  as soon as someone notices a symptom they go for an examination by the Kohen. If the symptom is found to be significant he is either declared contaminated or put into quarantine for 1 to 3 weeks. During quarantine he has to be alone, away from everyone. In the end if he declared to have tzaras it is so severe that if others don’t keep their social distance and pass underneath the tree under which he sits they also become contaminated. The house he lives in and the clothes he wears also become contaminated. 

The corona virus reminds us of what is written in the parsha and vice versa. Until now this week's parsha seemed so far off and unintelligible to the modern world. Now we see how a virus that spreads that we do not see but affects the entire body as well as the air around us can change our lives entirely.

The Torah is our life and the length of our days. Normally after one becomes contaminated they go to the mikvah for purification. Just like there is a physical mikvah so too spiritually an impure thought can become purified with the pure waters of the Holy Torah. The words of the Torah especially Chassidus purify our brain, our hearts and our minds to sanitize and enable us to combat the spiritual maladies that we confront.

We are entering the 30th year from the 28th of Nissan when the Rebbe told us that he did all that he can and now it's up to us. How do we acknowledge this day? Is it another day to mark off on the calendar the things that we accomplished or is this day something different altogether? From the words of the Rebbe we see clearly that that is something different. The Rebbe said that doing all we can to bring Moshiach is an ongoing personal obligation upon each and every one of us.

In today’s environment staying well and guarding our health is on our mind 24/7, or at least it should be. We think and feel strongly that we need to be careful wherever we go or with whatever we touch and who we come in contact with. It's not a joke, it's a mortal concern.

We can take action in many ways. We wear gloves, we wash our hands, wear masks and we keep a safe social distance. So too spiritually, we need to think if what we come in contact with is according to the Torah and to the Rebbe’s guidance, and if our thought speech and actions are spiritually safe. 

So too spiritually with the coming of Moshiach. We need a  24/7 focus about what can be done to bring about the coming of the Moshiach. This was the Rebbe’s entire focus and this is what the Rebbe passed on to us. Just like every person needs to feel the responsibility that the next thing that he or she does can contaminate the entire  world, so too in the positive, maybe the next thing any of us might do may be the thing that brings the Moshiach.  Each act either distances or brings the entire world closer to being a revealed dwelling place for Hashem.

It's a 24/7 life outlook and focus. The 28th of Nissan is not just another day that passes that we mark on the calendar. Our experiences during this pandemic show us that it's not impossible to live this way. We can live moment-to-moment with heightened awareness that one good deed can tip the scales and it could be the very next deed that we do.

The point is to go out of a galus mentality entirely and into a geula mentality to know and feel that the very next action is important and brings Moshiach.

A Good Chodesh, a Freilichen and Healthy Month of Refuah and a Good Shabbos

It’s a very good idea to say one extra chapter of Tehillim a day  for the sole purpose of showing Hahsem our gratitude for our life and for our health. With emunah, bitachon and simcha will strengthen our immune systems to overcome this pandemic.

Reb Joel Yachzel Funeral and Shiva info


THE KEVURA WILL BE AT MONTEFIORE CEMETERY AT 5:45 (tentative time, may be earlier) 


Zoom meeting.
Topic: Joel Yachzel Kevurah
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 788 2961 5217
Password: 18



Mrs Linda Yachzel
is sitting Shiva in her home 310-425-5426 

 Elianna Ickovic
Shiva has started, sitting till Monday the 27th in the morning. Can be reached via phone at 602-291-9202 between the hours of 2-4 west coast time. 

 Rebecca Ettedgui
Shiva will start on Friday and continue till Wednesday the 29th AM. Can be reached via phone at (646) 662-7233 between 10am-12pm west coast time. 

Ben Yachzel
Shiva will start on Friday and continue till Wednesday the 29th AM. Can be reached via phone at (310) 916-8135 anytime before 6pm west cost time. 

Joels sister, Betsy Stamm
has started sitting shiva and will be sitting until next Tuesday Morning. She can be reached at 310-850-0827

 ALSO Elianna, Rebecca and Ben will be on a group zoom call each day of shiva starting FRIDAY for anyone wishing to join and be menachem avel together from 12-1 west coast time, link and info below.

 Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 6222 6513
Password: Shiva

Mishnayos for Joel's shloshim the link is below. 

Levaya Info

It is with great sadness that we inform the community of the passing of  
 Mr. Joel Yachzel,
Yehoshua Zelig HaLevi ben Chaim obm
a longtime member of our shul,
& previously Chabad of North Hollywood

Levaya Info: 

The hearse will stop by the shul
Wednesday 12 noon on the way to the airport.

Please read carefully below:

The hearse will park in front of shul on La Brea
Park on LaBrea and stay in your car, no exceptions!

You can ask mechila, say tehillim etc. from your car

Do not approach the hearse under any circumstances  

Rabbi Raichik will be standing next to the hearse leading the tehillim

We will say the following kapitlach:

91, 16, 73 followed by 6,142,150 for a refuah shleimah for all those needing a speedy recovery

After tehillim, the hearse will head slowly north on La Brea to Melrose, turn right to Highland, right on Highland and continue to LAX Delta Cargo

You are welcome to drive behind the hearse until Melrose, however there is no police escort and please obey all traffic signals.

Announcements - Shemini

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Shabbos Schedule - Shemini

  • Shabbos Candle Lighting: 7:10 pm
  • Last Time To Read Shema: 9:35 am
  • Thillim Club: Any child who says Tehillim for 30 minutes should have their parents send Rabbi Frankel a WhatsApp or text message at 323-678-6115 and as soon as we are out of quarantine they will receive their pizza coupon and a treat! There will also be two raffles for sefarim One for boys and one for girls.
  • After Mincha - Pirkei Avos - Perek 1 
  • Shabbos Ends: 8:13 pm
  • MOTZEI SHABBOS MEVORCHIM FARBRENGEN ONLINE 9:45 pm with Rabbi Raichik on Zoom. 

PLEASE PRINT THIS SECTION: So that you can have it ready to bench the chodesh when they daven at home.

  • Molad Chodesh Iyar: Wednesday, Nisan 28/Apr 22, 10:58 PM + 12 chalakim.
  • Rosh Chodesh Iyar: Friday & Shabbos, April 24 & 25.

Mazal Tov To - Shemini

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Mendel Duchman on the birth of their great granddaughter (granddaughter to Boruch & Roza Greenbaum.)
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Fyzakov on the birth of their son.
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Kaufman on the birth of their grandson.

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Rabbi Yitzchok Arnold - 22 Nisan
  • Rabbi Yosef Wolowik - 25 Nisan
  • Shmuel Wolowik - 26 Nisan
  • Mr. Harvey Kreitenberg - 26 Nisan
  • Yosef Itzchack Gutierrez - 28 Nisan
  • Rabbi Reuven Nathanson - 28 Nisan
  • Mr. Efraim Lezak - 29 Nisan
  • Simi Goldberger - 30 Nisan

Upcoming Yahrtzeits

  • Reb Kalman ben Reb Menachem Mendel (Mrs. Sharon Bastomski’s father) - 24 Nisan

Devar Torah - Shemini

Among the subjects in this week's Parsha are the laws of Kashrus. When I was in Yeshiva, one of my Roshei Yeshivas noted that from here we see that the Torah was given from Hashem. How so? Kosher animals have two signs: they both chew their cud and have split hooves. The Parsha goes on to state that only four types of animals carry only one sign – either they chew their cud or they have split hooves. At the time of Matan Torah the Jews were in a desert. They were not in the fields of Africa, nor the forests of Europe, nor the prairies of North America, nor were they in Australia; nevertheless, not one more species has been discovered as having only one sign.

On Parshas Shemini 5731/1971, the Rebbe explained a Rashi on this week's parsha. “These are the living things you are allowed to eat (Vayikra 11:2).” Moshe Rabbenu held up every animal, every bird, every fish, and all the swarming creatures and showed the Jews which is allowed and which is not. The possuk does not elaborate on this. If this is what happened, why in the parsha of Noach does the Torah take many passukim to describe how all the animals have to come two by two to the teivah to be saved from the Mabul? And here, the Torah does not go into detail and additionally, Rashi does not ask the obvious question, why does the Torah not elaborate on this great miracle? Here, all the animals, etc. came to Moshe Rabbenu in the desert of Sinai, yet this great wonder Rashi bypasses. The Rebbe answers that a child understands that Hashem wants the Bnei Yisroel to keep kosher and that the people must have a clear understanding of what is permitted and what is not permitted. Hashem brought all the animals from every continent to Moshe Rabbenu to teach the people to keep kosher. Rashi doesn't have to speak about how great the miracle was because it is self-understood.

That farbrengen in 5731(1971) was unique. Until that year, the Rebbe would farbreng on the second night of Pesach after the Seder (of course, without wine) and expound upon the Haggadah. However, the Rebbe did not conduct the Seder upstairs in the Friediker Rebbe's apartment because Rebbetzin Nechama Dina had passed away on the tenth of Teves of that year; instead he conducted his seder privately in his home. At the farbrengen of Parshas Shemini the Rebbe opened the Siddur to the Haggadah and he said a sicha explaining various parts of the Haggadah. A year later it was Shnas Hashiviim (the Rebbe's 70^th year). Beginning that year the Rebbe would farbreng on Yud Alef Nisan and various subjects about Pesach were brought up at the Yud Alef Nisan farbrengens.

The same concerning Shavuos. Until that year, after reciting Tikun Leil Shavuos the Rebbe would come down from his room to the big shul at about 3:00 AM and say a Maamar Chassidus. Since meals were no longer eaten in the Previous Rebbe's apartment, the Rebbe went home right after davenning and this late-night farbrengen ceased. Instead,beginning in Shnas Hashiviim the Rebbe would farbreng prior to every major Yom Tov, usually on the night before Yom Tov.

Schedule - 2nd Days of Pesach

Shevii Shel Pesach:

  • Light Candles Tuesday: 7:07 pm
    Leh-Had-Leek Ner Shel Yohm Tohv 

Acharon Shel Pesach:

  • Light Candles Wednesday from a Pre-Existing Flame After: 8:09 pm
    Leh-Had-Leek Ner Shel Yohm Tohv 
  • Dont forget Yiskor
  • Don't forget Moshiach seuda after Mincha. 
  • Yom Tov Ends: 8:10 pm

Sota Shiur will iy"h be at 8 pm

Most wanted the shiur at 8 pm, so 8 it is!

Below is the info to call in: 

You can join by downloading the Ring Central Meetings application and entering the shiur meeting ID.  Alternatively, you can join the shiur by following the link listed below or for audio only by dialing the conference number and then entering the MeetingID when prompted.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap :

    US: +1(469)4450100,,2173676171# (US South)
           +1(470)8692200,, 2173676171# (US East)
           +1(623)4049000,, 2173676171# (US West)
           +1(720)9027700,, 2173676171# (US Central)
           +1(773)2319226,, 2173676171# (US North)

Or Telephone:

    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

    US: +1(469)4450100 (US South)
           +1(470)8692200 (US East)
           +1(623)4049000 (US West)
           +1(720)9027700 (US Central)
           +1(773)2319226 (US North)
Meeting ID: 217 367 6171

Kol Dichfin - Host a Virtual Guest!!!

B”H the response to the Pesach meal program means that more than 170 people will have food for the Seder and the first three days of Yom Tov = 1,020 MEALS!!!

The cost to “host” each guest for the first 3 days of Pesach is just $200.

Please go to to sponsor as many guests as you can!

All donations are appreciated for this very special opportunity.

Schedule - 1st Days of Pesach

Click Here to read the 'Chabad Chodesh'
and learn all the laws and customs

Tuesday Night, Nissan 13/April 7
Bedikas Chometz

  • Start Bedikas Chometz After: 7:57 pm

Wednesday, Nissan 14/April 8
Fast of the Firstborn

  • Finish Eating Chametz By: 10:46 am
  • Destroy and Annul Chametz By: 11:51 am
  • Midday/Chatzos: 12:55 pm
  • Light Yom Tov Candles: 7:03 pm
    Leh-Had-Leek Ner Shel Yohm Tohv & Sheh-Heh-Cheh-Yah-Noo
  • Reminder to say hallel by maariv 
  • Commence the Seder after: 8:00 pm
  • Midnight: 12:55 am

Thursday, Nissan 15/April 9
Pesach Day One

  • Last Time to Read Shema: 9:41 am
  • Remember to start Morid Hatal
  • Light Candles From pre-existing flame After: 8:02 pm
    Leh-Had-Leek Ner Shel Yohm Tohv & Sheh-Heh-Cheh-Yah-Noo
  • Reminder to say hallel by maariv  
  • Start Counting Sefiras Haomer

Friday, Nissan 16/April 10
Pesach Day Two

  • Last Time to Read Shema: 9:40 am
  • Light Shabbos Candles From a Pre-Existing Flame: 7:04 pm

Shabbos Chol Hamoed
Nissan 17/April 11

  • Last Time To Read Shema: 9:40 am
  • Shabbos Ends: 8:06 pm

11 Nisan Farbrengen

Password: 770 

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 11.15.34 AM.jpeg 

Pesach Meals for Singles and Couples

There are many singles and couples (many of whom are elderly) that in past years are guests in our home for meals throughout Pesach. This year that method of hachnosas orchim is unfortunately not available.

Instead, the shul will be arranging full catered meals for any single or couple that is alone this Pesach and wants to take advantage of this opportunity. If you fit this criteria, or if you know someone that does, please immediately send us an email with your name, address and phone number so that we can arrange these meals.

Please note that (1) Seder plates will be included, (2) wine and Matzah will not be included, (3) this program is for singles or couples without children.

Sunday: 10 AM. Tehillim live gathering

 Sunday: 10:00 am
Tehillim gathering on zoom for all those who need a refua.

Password: 770770 

Reminder!! 11 Nisan For kids

Click here for more info. 

 Mitzvah Tank Rally and Parade.png

Announcements - Tzav

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  • Click here for Mechiras Chametz info.
  • Click here for Mechiras Keilim info. 

Mitzvah Tank Rally and Parade.png

 WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 11.15.34 AM.jpeg

Shabbos Schedule - Tzav

  • Shabbos Candle Lighting: 6:59 pm
  • Last Time To Read Shema: 9:45 am
  • After Mincha we read the Hagadah from Avadim Hayinu to l’chaper al kol avonoseinu.  
  • Shabbos Ends: 8:02 pm
  • Motzei Shabbos: Reminder to do Kiddush Levana 
  • Motzei Shabbos: Melave Malaka/Farbrengen for 11 Nisan with Rabbi Raichik 9:30 pm.
  • Sunday: 10:00 am Tehillim gathering on zoom for all those who need a refua.

Mazal Tov To - Tzav

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Rabbi Shmuel Raigorodsky - 12 Nisan
  • Mr. Boruch Greenbaum - 13 Nisan
  • Rabbi Berel Schusterman - 13 Nisan

Upcoming Yahrtzeits

  • Chaim Yosef ben Harav Yehuda Tzvi (Rabbi Shmuel Fogelman’s brother) - 12 Nisan
  • Reb Meir ben Reb Chaim Volf  (Mrs. Sima Zeifman's father) - 14 Nisan
  • Nuriel ben Asher (Rabbi Asher Habibian’s father) - 16 Nisan

Devar Torah - Tzav

Performing our Part in the Redemption
By Rabbi Shimon Raichik

The Jewish people left Mitzrayim in the springtime, in Chodesh Aviv; therefore we celebrate Pesach in Chodesh Aviv. For this purpose our calendar has leap years to assure that Pesach always falls during the springtime. It was a great kindness from Hashem to take us out at a time that was neither too hot nor too cold. Springtime, Chodesh Aviv also teaches us a lesson on a deeper level. The Jewish people suffered in Mitzrayim for 210 years under the superpower of the time. Surrounded on all sides by an army of chariots and riders, no one escaped their power. Aside from their great wealth they were academically and culturally dominant. They had a distinct worldview and philosophy. Through their use of irrigation they converted a land without rain into a thriving and abundant agriculture and economy, as the verse says; “K’Gan Hashem, k’Eretz Mitzrayim, Like a garden of Hashem like the land of Mitzrayim”.

Their philosophy and approach was founded on revolved around their perception of nature. Their goal was to exploit nature to it’s utmost to create completeness through might. The exploitation of natural cause and using it for whatever they desired was the cause of our enslavement. They forgot about Hashem the One who causes nature to work and for all things to blossom. This is represented in the spring when we see the rebirth of nature. In the midst of all this Hashem commanded the Jewish People to take a lamb, the idol of Mitzrayim and slaughter it in public!  The time of our redemption had arrived and Moshe Rabbenu informed the people that after 210 years of slavery Hashem wanted to redeem them. Many were in a state of despair. They felt completely dominated and were convinced that there was no way to escape. Nevertheless, against all odds, Moshe Rabbenu strengthened them to believe that they would indeed be redeemed, but in order to get out they had to do something, they had perform a part in the redemption. “Mishchu u’kchu lachem tzon”; Pull away from idolatry, come to yourself (literally: get a hold of yourself) and take a lamb and slaughter it for Hashem (a mitzvah). It’s not enough to do this in your heart or in your house; it must be provocative, in broad daylight in front of everyone. Then, promised Moshe Rabbenu that not only would we be redeemed but also Pharaoh himself would send us out.

Pesach represents the unity and the inter-inclusion of the supernatural and the natural. Both are one expression of the one and only Hashem. Our relation with Hashem in both aspects is reflected in the culmination of the exodus on Har Sinai with the two commandments of Anochi and Lo’Yehye Lecha: that Hashem is the one and only power, there is no other and we serve Him in all aspects.

Nowadays we also live in an updated version of Mitzrayim, a culture whose philosophy are theories based solely on nature. Many proclaim in the name of science to have all the answers and to have the ability to have control nature and exploit it to fit whatever desire dictates. They claim to know how to define all things and condone all types of behavior. Just as Mitzrayim passed, this too this shall pass. It’s is a great thing to use the natural world for the sake of humanity. It should not and does not come at the expense of realizing that nature itself is a gift from Hashem. Once again the Jew is caught in the cross hairs and some people despair of a way out of today’s culture’s eventual total domination over our destiny and our purpose. This is the lesson of the springtime and of Pesach. The time of our redemption has arrived. We need to do our part. It’s time to pull our hands away from the idolatry, of today’s superpower its culture, its philosophy and its idolization of nature. It’s time to get a hold of ourselves. Instead we offer it as a sacrifice, a part of our service of Hashem by acknowledging Hashem’s power in everything this spring, by doing the mitzvos of Pesach and enjoying the Seder together.

By celebrating Pesach this year, together with our families, men women and children may we merit to celebrate Pesach together with Moshiach.

A Good Shabbos; A Kosher and Freilichin Pesach! 

(Adapted from the Rebbe’s Letter; 11 Nissan 5725-1965)

Chabad Chodesh - Nisan

The new issue of the "Chabad Chodesh"
is now available online by clicking here 


  • To join the Shul whatsapp group click here
  • In order to help those who will need to make a siyum this year erev pesach, Rabbi Raichik gives a daily shiur in Mesaches Tomid at 5 pm. To join click here:
  • For those who ordered matza with Rabbi Raichik. Pick up is TONIGHT!!  8:30-9:30 in Kollel room of shul 
    DO NOT COME: If you or someone you came in contact with are not feeling well 
    When you come please bring: gloves, and a bag with which to take your matzah
    please keep a distance of at least 6 ft between other customers


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