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A letter from Dr. Alan Dauer to our community (Los Angeles and vicinity)

Monday, 23 March, 2020 - 2:18 pm

As we are all aware, we are confronted with an infectious disease Covid 19 which we have not seen in our lifetime.

There are many issues as a result of this disease. This letter is an initial attempt to help people in the first stages and more information will be available at a later date.

Many of you know that most shuls and religious schools in L. A. and vicinity have been closed until further notice.

These are guidelines for everyone:

Everyone (no matter what level of risk) should:

Not share food or drink with anyone

If handling food for others wear a mask and gloves.

Do not go out of your house if you do not have to. Stay home! Because the only way to prevent escalation of this disease is by reducing your contact with the virus.

Remember and respect people over 60 years old.

Wash hands frequently and also before and after eating.


If you are healthy and have not been exposed practice social distancing and monitor yourself for fever, muscle aches and cough.

Wear a mask when around people with symptoms and see self quarantine guidelines below.

If you have symptoms of the virus wear a mask and self quarantine per guidelines below.


Everyone should follow recommendations of the CDC:


Do not leave house unless absolutely necessary

Separate yourself from people in your house that are elderly or have other illnesses and may be susceptible to the virus.

Wash your hands as instructed on CDC website.

Do not share food, clothing, bedding, towels etc.

Disinfect frequently used surfaces daily

Disinfect counters, knobs, keyboards, phones, bathroom fixtures etc.

Monitor symptoms.

Take your temperature twice a day if you have symptoms mentioned above.

If you cough or sneeze protect it with a tissue and wash your hands after.


There are many questions about self quarantine for who and how to do it.


Self quarantine is only necessary if you are reasonably suspicious that you are infected or have been in contact with someone who has been infected by the virus. Self quarantine can be disruptive to your life but can be life saving!

People of high risk should self quarantine

People of high risk include:

1.   Recently traveled to China or anywhere outside USA

2.   Traveled to a community which has a widespread of the virus such as New York

3.   Lived with someone with symptoms or cared for someone with symptoms, and have not followed precautions.

High risk people should self quarantine for 14 days, however this changes all the time.

The goal of the quarantine is to prevent the spread of the virus by separating from people and employing proper hygienic methods. Contact health care providers for proper directions.

If you have symptoms you can speak with urgent care.

I hope these guidelines will assist you in navigating this and help you to remain safe and healthy,

Dr. Alan D. Dauer MD FACP

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