Announcements - Matos/Masei

Friday, 9 July, 2021 - 11:01 am

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  • SUNDAY: Women's shiur in Bais Habchira 10:00am at the Bukiet's backyard 343 N. Formosa.  Rabbi Bart shiur at 11. 
  • SIYUMIM: The rebbe encouraged everyone to listen to a daily siyum from the beginning of the 9 days through tu b’av.
    You can participate in a siyum every night in shul after maariv. For those who live out of town and are unable to make it to a siyum you can call in to listen live to our siyum Dial (319) 527-9676. If you would like to receive nightly reminders via WHATSAPP, please WhatApp Shmuly Gurary- 323-540-0485 your name and number. 
  • TEHILLIM: Yosef Yitzchok ben Sara. 
  • NICHUM AVEILIM: Dr. Basya Pinson is sitting shiva in Eretz Yisroel until Wednesday on the passing of her brother Rabbi Pinchos Gruman ob"m. Hamakom Yenachem Eschem B'soch Sheor Avalei Tzion V'yerushalayim. Vehukeetzu Veranenu Shochnay Ufur vehu besochom! 
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