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Thursday, 30 June, 2022 - 10:21 am

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  • Rabbi Yitzi: As the Yeshiva Bochurm are out of town, please consider helping with the Shabbos Minyonim. 821 Formosa (you enter through Yeshiva) 2nd Floor. Friday Night: Micnho 745 followed by Kabolas Shabbos. Shabbos Day: 10:30 - Avi Hayman will be Baal Tefilosh BEH followed by a Gimmel Tamuz Farbrengen with Reb Shai Berkowitz and others. As most of Rabbi Yitzi's family is away for a few weeks, Rabbi Yitzi has more time - and deeply appreciates visitors. Please email Mushka Yarmak <[email protected] or call/Whatsapp Whatsapp 917-941-7819   advising if you can join any of the minyonim and/or if you would like to come spend some time with Rabbi Yitzi during the week to learn, read some Divrei Torah etc (someone can be present to help facilitate the visit BEH and help with the  communication BEH).  Rabbi Yitzi loves visitors and its clearly quite an inspiration to spend time with Rabbi Yitzi.

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