Friday, 6 August, 2010 - 1:43 am

  • In preparation for Elul, the shul is making a pushka collection drive. You can bring your pushka (or its contents) to shul by shacharis/mincha/maariv and give it to Leib Lerner or David Kaufman, or arrange for pickup in the La Brea area by emailing the shul at [email protected].
  • Remember to pay your membership, seats and locker fees. Click here for the schedule of fees and more information.
  • Teizchem Lesholom to Rabbi & Mrs. Naftali Rotenberg. May it be meshane mokom meshane mazal letova velivracha. 
  • Men's Taharas HaMishpocha Review with Rabbi Yosef Shusterman. Two Sunday morning sessions on 5 Elul & 12 Elul (August 15 & 22) in Kol Yaakov Yehuda at 10:00 am. More information to follow.
  • Please continue to say tehillim for Dovid Leib ben Ariella Nava and Mordechai ben Simcha Chaya who are in need of a refua shleima.
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