'Bar Mitzvah' In Honor of Chaya

Wednesday, 6 May, 2015 - 2:01 am

Chaya was the life of every Kol Yakov Yehuda Ezras Noshim event!

 Dear Members of Anash, 

After a year of planning and with gratitude to Hashem, our big Simcha is finally here. Tomorrow, Wednesday night is the Bar Mitzvah of Kol Yakov Yehuda.

In light of this week, the evening will be as poignant as it is celebratory.

The Bar Mitzvah of Kol Yakov Yehuda is more than anything else a celebration of the life of each and every Diamond that attends the minyan for the "Rebbe's Diamond Daveners" on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

As mentioned this is a celebration of life. The pain is still raw and the wound is still fresh, but to paraphrase from Sunday night in the words of  Rabbi Ezra SchochetRosh  Yeshiva YOEC and Chaya's Zaidy,  the way to move forward is by trying to emulate a Middah of  Chaya Mushka bas Reb Menachem Mendel V'Haddasah Sheina.

Chaya's simcha was certainly unbounding and contagious.
It is in this simcha that she will be immortalized. 

She was the life of every Kol Yakov Yehuda Ezras Noshim event, be it Shabbos davening or otherwise, and for this reason we will celebrate and come together to commemorate at the Bar Mitzvah of Kol Yakov Yehuda.

We are excited that more than 150 of our "Diamonds" have signed up; we hope to give them a truly memorable evening.

May we continue to share many more Bar Mitzvah's and simchas for years to come.


Rabbi Mendel Duchman
KYY - The Shul for the Kids, by the Kids

If you have't participated with a Hishtadfus in our Simcha, 
please do!!
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