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Halochos of Tisha B'Av - From Chabad Chodesh

Thursday, 23 July, 2015 - 9:00 am

Shabbos Chazon - Av 9/July 25

This Shabbos is similar to the previous Shabbos. There are no customs of mourning, except for abstaining from marital relations, unless Friday night is the night of the going to the Mikveh. We wear Shabbos clothes and it’s like a regular Shabbos. The Rebbe would demand that we should be B’Simcha, since it’s the day that Moshiach was born.

We don’t say Tzidkoscha at Mincha. We don’t say Pirke Avos. The Rebbe encouraged us to do our daily shiurim of Rambam and Chitas before Midday.

We can eat meat or drink wine until sunset; at sunset we stop ALL eating.

 The Fast
DEFERRED TO Motzei Shabbos & Sunday,  Av 9-10,   July 25-26

On Motzei Shabbos, change out of your leather shoes when the Chazan says “Barchu”. (He changes before Barchu, but first he says, “Baruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’chol”.)  If you aren’t in Shul, say, “Baruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’chol, and take off your leather shoes right after Shabbos.

We take the Paroches off the Aron Kodesh.  After Shemoneh Esrei we say Kadish Shaleim with Tiskabel. We dim the lights and read Megillas Eichah. We don’t say “Veyehi Noam”  but we say “V’ata Kodosh” followed by Kadish Shaleim with out Tiskabel.

We don’t say Havdalah, except to say the Brachah, “Borei Meorei Ha-eish”  Try to say it before Eichah.  In which we read “He placed me in darkness…”(3:6).  Men who forgot to say “Ata chonantanu” in Shemoneh Esrei, or women who don’t Daven Maariv must say “Boruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’chol.”  We don’t say Veyitein Lecho.

The Restrictions

Five principal restrictions apply to the night and day of Tishah B’Av:  eating and drinking, washing, anointing, wearing leather shoes and marital relations. A couple should conduct themselves as they would during the Nidah period.

Pregnant or nursing women fast; a person feeling ill should consult a Rav.

We can’t wash, even with cold water.  In the morning and after using the bathroom, wash your fingers until the knuckles.  (We may wash dirt off our hands.)  We can’t rinse our mouth.  Oil, soap or cosmetics on the skin are forbidden, except for medical purposes.  

We can’t wear leather or partly leather shoes; rubber or canvas shoes are permitted.

We only study Torah that deals with the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, or mourning:  Megilas Eichah and its commentaries, laws of Tishah B’Av and mourning in Shulchan Aruch, the tragic parts or Yirmiyahu and the third chapter of Moed Katan, etc.

It’s customary to sit on a chair lower than three Tefachim, (about nine inches) until after midday.  We don’t say “Good Morning” or “Hello.”  (If a person who doesn’t know the law greets you, answer softly, so you don’t hurt his feelings.)

We don’t say the Brochah, “She’asah Li Kol Tzarki” (the Brochah for shoes).  We don’t wear Tallis or Tefillin at Shachris, but at Minchah.

At Shachris we say Kinos after we put away the Sefer Torah.  After Kinos we say Ashrei and U’va  Letzion leaving out the posuk V’zois Brisi, followed by Kadish Shaleim without Tiskabel. Then Aleinu, skipping shir shel Yom and Ein Kelokeinu. No Tehillim is said. After Davening, we read Eichah on our own.

We don’t do any work until midday.  We don’t take pleasure walks or smoke.

Chitas may be learned after mid-day., Rambam after the fast.

Mincha is davened while wearing Tallis and Rashi Tefillin. We say Shma and finish what was omitted in Shacharis (Shir Shel Yom,, Ein Kelokeinu and Tehillim) then begin Mincha. Then Krias HaTorah and Haftorah. We add Nacheim and Aneinu in Shemoneh Esrei. After Mincha we put on Rabbenu Tam Tefillin.

After The Fast

After the fast, wash your hands three times, as you would in the morning, without a Brochah.

We make Havdalah on wine starting with Henei Keil without the Brachos for fire and spices) and drink the wine. 

We say Kiddush Levanah (preferably after changing into leather shoes, washing our face, saying havdala and eating something, ONLY IF we can do this and still say it with a Minyan.)

Those that need to make Havdalah at home should say kiddush Levana with a minyan before going home.

NOTE: One may not eat before Havdalah.

We don’t eat meat or drink wine (except for Havdalah) tonight. Since the fast was deferred to Tenth this year, washing clothes and showering are permitted after the fast.

This is a very brief summary of the laws of Tishah B’Av. Consult a Rav for special circumstances.

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