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Devar Torah - Acharei

Friday, 6 May, 2016 - 4:00 pm

We are all Schneersonites 
By Rabbi Raichik

This week Erev Shabbos was the 28th of Nissan, Koach Nissan, the day the Rebbe said; “I have done all that I can to bring Moshiach and now it is up to you”. This year 5776-2016 marks the 25th year since the Rebbe made this statement in 5751-1991.

Many try to picture Moshiach’s coming, a changed world in the blink of an eye. The Haftorah for Acharon shel Pesach describes the times of Moshiach and gives us a picture of what the times of Moshiach will be. The beginning of the Haftorah relates to the reign of King Chizkiyahu in the times of the first Beis HaMikdash. The King of Ashur, Sancheriv amassed a giant army encircling the city of Yerushalayim. Many felt the only way out of their predicament was to make peace with Sancheriv by hand over control of the Beis HaMikdash and then to live under his rule as a vassal state. King Chizkiyahu refused to capitulate under any circumstances and instead went into the Beis HaMikdash and prayed to Hashem. He said that we have no ability to fight back such a large force. Nevertheless after placing his emunah and his trust in Hashem he went on to sleep a serine and restful night of sleep with complete trust in Hashem. That night Sancheriv’s entire army miraculously died. That’s real and lasting instantaneous change! Even though this story occurred on the first night of Pesach we read it on the last day because Hashem wanted to make Chizkiyahu Moshiach. The war with Sancheriv as described was supposed to have been the war of Gog and Magog. Acharon shel Pesach is connected with Moshiach as is known.

Things can change from one extreme to another in one moment! Without emunah we are nowhere.  With emunah and bitachon we see can see a completely different picture, a good outcome in one moment.

When the Rambam says that we should see the entire world as balanced between good and evil and with one act, with one mitzvah we have the power to tip the scale to the good of the entire world some cringe their noses. What me? C’mon, saying one chapter of Tehillim or putting Tefillin on one time with a person will do all that? This world is in serious trouble, look in the news, isn’t it a dream to think that we have the power to evoke such great change? The Rebbe answers that every mitzvah is everlasting and always present, it can never be taken away. This is not true for negative things, through teshuva and the pains of galus they are washed away. If we stop perceiving this world with galus colored glasses and instead switch to the Rebbe’s view that all good is with us and the bad and the galus is washed away (batul b’rov) then the next thing we do tips the scales for the good and for the geula.

We need however to be stubborn to be successful. Just as Nachshon ben Aminadav and Chizkiyahu was stubborn so too we need to be stubborn. This is the take way lesson of Pesach; learn (Torah), give (Tzedaka), do (Mitzvos and Mivtzoyim) live (Moshiach), and the next moment Moshiach arrives.

In Toronto there is a person by the name of Rappaport. He grew up in Russia with his grandparents because his parents were being held in jail in Russia. After 10 years, the father, R. Michel came out of prison and told his story of interrogation in prison. The interrogator said; “You are a Shneersonite; the proof is that you have a Chabad Siddur.” R. Michel responded; “That’s not a proof, I received that siddur as a present at my Bar Mitzvah”. The interrogator continued; “You are a Shneersonite, a Chabad Rabbi officiated at your wedding.” R. Michel answered; “What kind of proof is that, he was the local available Rabbi.” Finally R. Michel said; “Look, if you have real proof then charge me, if you have no proof then let me go.” The interrogator responded; “My father once said that if you find a Rabbi in Leningrad, sentence him to Siberia for two years and you will deprogram him without a problem. If you find a Shneersonite then there’s no way to deprogram him. If you send him to Siberia he’ll open a Yeshiva. The only answer for him is to sent him out to the woods with three soldiers (to be shot).” The interrogator then walked out of the room.

We are all Schneersonites. We don’t give in to the galus. There’s nothing to stop us, we can go forward and bring Moshiach Now.

A Good Shabbos, A Good Chodesh

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