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Schedule - Shavuos

Thursday, 28 May, 2020 - 1:55 pm

 For all laws and customs please see the Chabad Chodesh

Thursday, Sivan 5/May 28
Erev Shavuous

  • Remember to make an Eruv Tavshilin
  • Light Candles: 7:40 pm
    (Shel Yom Tov and Shehechiyanu)

Friday, Sivan 6/May 29
First Day Shavuous

  • Latest Shema: 9:17 am
  • Light Candles from a pre-existing flame: 7:40 pm
    (Shel Shabbos V’Shel Yom Tov and Shehechiyanu)

Sivan 7/May 30/Shabbos
Second Day Shavuous

  • Latest Shema: 9:16 am
  • Shabbos/Yom Tov Ends: 8:42 pm
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