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Kiddush Sponsores - Parshos Beshalach

Friday, 29 January, 2010 - 12:38 am

 The Kiddush at the 1st Minyan is Sponsored by:

Rabbi Lazer Hendelsman
On the occasion of his birthday
May he have a Shnas Hatzlacha Begashmiyus Ubruchniyus

The Kiddush at the 2nd Minyan is Sponsored by:

Mr. & Mrs. Michel (Milton) Goodman
For the upcoming Yortzait of his father in law
Avrohom Ben Shmuel Ob”m
May the Neshama have an Aliya

Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Lerner
On the occasion of their upcoming Anniversary
May they share many more happy years together

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