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Friday, 19 November, 2010 - 1:11 am

In this week’s Parsha the Torah relates how Yaakov sent messengers to Eisav; “Vayishlach Yaakov Malachim”. Rashi comments “Malachim mamash; real Angels” The Maggid, on Shabbos parshas Vayishlach תקל״ג 1772 the last Shabbos before his passing commented “the mamash of the Malachim- the body of the Malachim, not the soul”. Meaning, that just as a person has a soul and a body, so too a Malach has a body, made up of wind and fire, and a soul of life. It was only the body of the Angels that Yaakov sent to Eisav, but the soul remained with Yaakov.

How can we best understand this separation of body and soul that the Maggid describes? Is it not true that without a soul, a body is unusable? Is not the same true for a Malach?

Rashi’s explanation can be understood simply, that Yaakov needed to send Angels and not humans. If he sent human messengers he ran the risk of Eisav harming them either physically or spiritually. Therefore it would have seemingly been more advantageous to send the Angels with their souls to make as profound a spiritual effect as possible upon Eisav. So then why did the Maggid say that it needed to specifically be body of the Angels.

The Rebbe explained that in actuality Yaakov sent both aspects of the Malachim. What is meant here is that even though Yaakov sent them they remained inwardly bound to Yaakov all the while that they carried out their shlichus. In this sense their life force and being remained connected to Yaakov. And that was the only way that they could have an effect upon Eisav.

This is a clear lesson in carrying out the shlichus given to us by the Rebbe of Yifutzu Maynoseicha Chutza- spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus to bring Moshiach now. This is also directly related to Yud Teis Kislev the time when the full force of bringing the wellsprings of Chassidus to the outside to bring Moshiach began. Eisav, the eish sadeh- the man of the field represents the Chutza- the outside that we are charged to bring the wellsprings. Our neshamos are charged with a shlichus to convert the outside world, the‘sadeh’, to be a dira lo Yisborach- a dwelling place for Hashem’s presence. Our ability to accomplish this comes from being connected to the Rebbe, heart and soul. This connection permeates our mission with feeling, purpose and vitality.

This is the Maggid’s lesson to us. Our ‘mamash’, our bodies are out there in the outside involved with worldly affairs, but our inner being, heart and soul remains with the Rebbe. This means that we do not mix ourselves in to the shlichus, rather we carry him with us, as we are with him, into our shlichus. Through this we will fulfill our shlichus of Maynoseicha Chutza- spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus and bring ka Asi Mar, Melech HaMoshiach Now!

(Adapted from Likutei Sichos v. 10)

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