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Thursday, 20 December, 2012 - 11:35 pm

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  • Rabbi & Mrs. Mendy Spalter invite you to a farbrengen this Friday night for the refuah shlaima of Chaya Mushka bas Hadassa Shaina, at the home of Sholom and Ruchama Langsam - 434 N Alta Vista Blvd.
  • This year is 200 years from the the passing of the Alter Rebbe.  We sent out an email about the division of Tanya and the Shulchan Aruch.  Please go here or here to see the list. We need your participation!
    Save the Date: We will also be making a special weekend program for our community: Shabbos Program, Melave Malke and a Sunday learning Program.  Shabbos Parshas Shemos, 23-24 Teves/January 5-6. Details to follow.
  • Anyone who took a Mesechta of Mishnayos for Rabbi Labkowsky should please make sure to finish in time for the shloshim - this Tuesday.
  • The Simons Family invite the community to a Melava Malka with Rabbi Yossi Jacobson for men &  women this Motzei Shabbos. Click here for more info.  
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