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Letter from Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky Regarding Aleph's auction this Motzei Shabbos

Thursday, 5 February, 2015 - 3:20 pm


Dear Friends,

Please consider participating in Aleph's auction this Motzei Shabbos BEH - and thereby partnering with us to continue helping thousands of Yidden in limited environments (in prisons, in the army, and in mental institutions)  as well as their families, who are often in dire need and suffer in silence.  Aleph was founded at the express direction of the Lubavicther Rebbe in 57481 (1981).

The link is:  - Please help us reach our goal of 54,000.

With Hashems help, we strive to respond to every request for help --- but we are stretched thin, and your help would go along way in ensuring we can respond to thousands of desperate cries for help....

The success of this event is critical to our work.  Permit me to share a story with you:

One evening, I had to rush to a jail to visit Dovid*, a husband and father of 2, who had tried to hang himself 3 weeks earlier. I sat with him for an hour, with the regular background jail noise (inmates screaming in the background), hearing him pour his heart out:  His 2 boys, aged 3 and 6, who did not know he's in Jail, beg him to come home, every time he calls. Fighting back an outburst of tears, he repeats the words of his 6 year old:  "If you loved my brother and I you would come home! I promise you, that I will behave in school and be nice to Mommy if you come home.  All my friends have fathers that come pick them up from school and take them to birthday parties. Why don't I have a father to take me?"

When his wife gets on the phone she vents how she can’t take the stress of the eviction threats, the mounting utility bills, the cut-off threats, the constant pressures of where she will get money to buy food and the cries of her children, who often spend many hours of the night awake, asking for their father.

Dovid had an abusive upbringing. As a child, his hand would often serve as an ash tray for lit cigarette buds, and he would regularly roam the streets, alone and abandoned. B"H he managed to pull his life together, get married, and have two beautiful children. Recently, due to pressure from his boss, he committed a relatively minor white-collar offense. He was facing years of jail time, G-d forbid.

Representing Aleph's dedicated partners, I looked Dovid in the eye and promised him that he would not be abandoned. I assured him that we would, with Hashems help, make sure his wife and kids are taken care of, and that we would work to help ensure that he's reunited with his family in the very near future, G-d willing.  He swore to me he will never consider hurting himself again, and that he would stay strong so he can be a father to his two children. Boruch Hashem, Aleph was able to get one of his boys into a Jewish school (which means the world to Dovid and his wife),  pay his wife's rent and give her funds for food, utilities and basic necessities. Dovid received regular visitors from Aleph volunteers, which were a lifeline of support, along with books of Torah, which he cherished. Today, B"H Dovid is reunited with his wife and children - and thriving.

There are thousands of Dovid's scattered in cold, dark and frightening prisons around the country, separated from family, community, and any feeling of comfort or happiness

Minutes before this past Shabbos entered, we received an urgent message that a young teenager in a mental institution, Aleph is caring for, was trying to reach us. His heartfelt request: "Please can you have me in mind by Zemiros and Daven for my complete and speedy recovery by the Shabbos table".

It's thanks to people like you, that Aleph can, please G-d, through our team of nearly 30 staff and 300+ volunteers, continue to bring much needed joy, comfort and a critical assurance that you-are-not-forgotten, to many thousands of our brothers and sisters in dire need.

The Rambam writes that there is not greater joy and then bringing happiness to the brokenhearted and downtrodden. In this merit, May Hashem bless you and your loved ones with joy, Nachas, good health, peace and prosperity. May we merit the imminent redemption, speedily in our days. And as the Rambamwrites, one single mitzvoh can tip the scale and usher in the era of redemption - may we be merit the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days!



P.S. Please consider spreading this Mitzvoh by forwarding this email to family/friends. 

*name changed for privacy reasons.



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