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Friday, 22 July, 2016 - 12:59 am

  • Click here for this week’s JEM “Here’s My Story”. 
  • Click here for this week's Lmaan Yishmeu publication. 
  • Click here for a list of our ongoing shiurim. 
  • Click here to pay up all your kibud or yiskor pledges and outstanding membership. Thank you to all of our supporters!!!
  • SUNDAYS: Rabbi Yosef Bukiet will be giving his yearly class to the women about the Beis Hamikdosh in the KYY room from 10 to 11 am for 3 consecutive Sundays starting Sunday, 18 Tammuz/July 24. 
  • MONDAY: The 8 am daily gemoro shiur will begin to learn Maseches Tomid, and will continue throughout the three weeks. GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO FINISH A MASEHTA AND MAKE A SIYUM DURING THE NINE DAYS. 
  • REMINDER: Daily early mincha minyan in shul at 2 pm.
  • SAVE THE DATE : Sunday, 23 Tammuz/July 31: Annual Yarchei Kallah at YOEC. Click here for the flyer. 
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