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Kiddush Sponsors - Mikeitz

Thursday, 29 December, 2016 - 11:12 am

  • Mr. Arnold Sandlow in honor of his ufruf. May he be Zoche to build a binyan aday ad, and may he and the entire community be blessed with kol tuv se’ela.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Shimon Benarroch for the yahrtzeit of Mrs. Kelly Benarroch’s siblings Mordechai ben Reb Moshe & Simcha bas Reb Moshe ob”m. May the neshomo have an aliya.
  • Mrs. Judith Davidson for the yahrtzeit her mother Bluma bas Reb Eliezer Hakohen ob"m. May the neshomo have an aliya.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Zechariah Davidson in honor of Mrs. Yehudis Davidson’s birthday. May she have a shnas hatzlocho begashmiyus ubruchniyus.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Lerner for the yahrtzeit of Mr. Chaim Lerner’s mother Bassya bas Reb Mordechai ob"m. May the neshomo have an aliya.
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