Membership/Seats 5778

Wednesday, 13 September, 2017 - 10:01 pm

Elul 23, 5777
September 14, 2017

Dear Shul Member
Greetings and Blessings:

Tishrei is nearly here.  Boruch Hashem, our shul continues to grow in membership and services to the community.  The cost of running the Shul is enormous.  Funds collected for membership and Yom Tov tickets provide the majority of the money required to operate the shul.  Shul Membership dues and Yom Tov Tickets are therefore the most important contributions that you can make to keep the shul running.

Our shul is famous for its Shabbos Kiddush, chesed programs and other activities.  Those items are self-funding.  In fact, Shabbos Kiddush now helps underwrite other shul operating expenses.

Our shul has four minyonim on Shabbos, including Kol Yaakov Yehuda during the school year.  We have a full range of Shabbos programs for the kids.  We also have five official weekday shacharis minyonim with more in the later morning.   Hundreds of men use our shul on a daily basis for mincha and maariv.  Men and women from throughout Southern California participate in our shul sponsored shiurim and farbrengens.  Congregation Levi Yitzchok is a destination shul for out of towners visiting the area and for anyone that wants to experience our special environment.

Keeping the mortgage current, utilities paid and managing the other expenses that go into operating our shul is up to us, the members.  The Shul needs our participation and contributions to survive.  For the upcoming year 5778, the membership and Yom Tov ticket fee schedule remains unchanged:

  • Family Membership - $770
  • Single Membership - $360
  • Associate Membership - $360
  • Yom Tov Tickets/Family - $300 member/$500 non-member
  • Yom Tov Tickets/Single - $100 member/$250 non-member

Most people now make all payments to the shul online by credit card or e-check at  When paying online, you can easily set up a recurring monthly payment.  Many members now pay a nice round $100 per month.  For those who are making recurring payments, please consider increasing your monthly contribution.  Also, you should check to make sure that your credit card has not expired or been replaced during the year.  Of course, full membership payment in advance is also welcome. If you are paying by check, please make sure that it is clearly identified as membership.  Checks can be given to Levi Raichik, Leib Lerner, or David Kaufman.  Checks can also be left in the metal pushka just inside the shul entrance.

A limited number of lockers are available to members.  The annual fee for lockers is $100 and lockers that are not paid for will be released to members that have signed up on the waiting list on a first-come/first-served basis.

Wishing you a kesiva v’chasima tovah,
Members of the Volunteer Shul Operating Committee

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