Devar Torah - Eikev

Tuesday, 31 July, 2018 - 3:40 pm

To the Point

By Rabbi Shimon Raichik

In this week’s parsha of Eikev Hashem commands Moshe Rabbenu to carve the second set of Luchos and to build an Aron where he can place them when he descends from Har Sinai. Later Moshe Rabbenu says, “I made for them (the Luchos) an Aron”.

The Gemara (Yoma 72b) asks why the Torah states in our parsha that Moshe Rabbenu made the Aron while in parsha’s Terumah it states that “they” meaning the Bnei Yisroel (not only Moshe Rabbenu) should make the Aron. The answer of the Gemara is that when Bnei Yisroel do the will of Hashem they are the builders of the Aron and when they do not do the will of Hashem Moshe Rabbenu has to build the Aron.

The Rebbe explains that when the Gemara speaks about the will of Hashem it is not referring to the past when Bnei Yisroel sinned by the golden calf rather it refers to today in our current state.  Not doing the will of Hashem corresponds to the state of galus when we do not feel or perceive the Shechina and therefore are not aligned with Hashem’s will because His will is hidden in galus.

Just as the Aron housed the Luchos, so too we are in constant need of thoughts of teshuva to build within ourselves the will of Hashem so that we can contain the Luchos HaBris. Though thoughts of teshuva the desire to do the will of Hashem latent within the neshama is revealed. The Luchos represent how the Torah and mitzvos are carved into and are one with the  neshama just as the Ten Commandments are carved into the Luchos.

How do receive thoughts of teshuva while feeling cut off and in a state of galus (a prisoner cannot release him or herself from prison)? These thoughts come to us from our connection to Moshe Rabbenu and as it states in the Tanya from the extension of Moshe Rabbenu found in each generation; to our Rebbe. This is the meaning of Moshe Rabbenu building the Aron. According to Chassidus the Aron represents the thoughts of teshuva that are with us throughout the galus when we have obstacles in fulfilling the will of Hashem that help us reveal the will of Hashem.

By increasing our bond to the Rebbe through learning his Sichos Mamarim Letters and fulfilling the Rebbe’s guidance we are holding on to the Aron of the Rebbe. Through this we have all the necessary powers to break though the ‘cover up’ of the galus and merit the presence of Moshiach now!

A Good Shabbos, A Good Chodesh!

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