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Letter from Rabbis Raichik

Thursday, 31 January, 2019 - 11:22 pm

Dear Anash:

Many of you might recall Brocho Finkelstein, OBM, who was a very beloved member of our community.

Her daughter, Sara (who now lives in Orange county - pictured below with her husband and 3 precious children) is fighting for her life against an aggressive form of cancer, which is now affecting her vision.

She has already undergone chemotherapy and is now up for the next stage of her treatment that due to it being in trial period is not covered under her insurance. 

Her husband has asked for support and help, and while BH significant money has been raised for them over the past year - due to tremendous expenses they have incurred, - they currently don't have the funds to pay critical medical bills, including money needed for an urgent treatment, the doctors feel can really help,  BEH. Aside from the regular treatment which cost $10k per month, the other two new treatments the family is urgently trying to cover (while struggling to cover the families basic necessities) are Dendritic cells vaccine and ATA costing approximately $5k and $12k more out of pocket.

Pleas can you donate on and write Goldberg Family Fund, and/or email or call me with your pledge [email protected] 323-595-9150.

Funds are needed urgently. We are hoping to raise 18,000 from our community BEH which would be a huge boost/major help.

Please Daven for her - Chaya Sarah Malka bas Bracha Leah Chava - that she have a complete and speedy Refuah Sheleimo, and that she and her husband take all their children to the chupah in good health - and may they be blessed with all of Am Yisroel - for long happy, healthy and sweet years.

May we be zoceh to the Geuhalsh Sheleimo Bikorov Mamosh!

May HASHEM Repay you many times over!

Rabbis Shimon & Levi Raichik


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