Masechta Tomid Shiur

Sunday, 12 July, 2020 - 1:36 am

As the 9 days are approaching and many will need to make a Siyum,
this Sunday, Rabbi Bukiet’s daily Gemoro shiur
will be starting Masechta Tomid.

Sunday-Friday, 8am to 9am 

  • To join live: Go to 343 N Formosa -  in the yard.
  • To join shiur via desktop/laptop: Click link below (or copy n paste) & enter meeting number (217-367-6171) when prompted.
  • To join shiur by video conference via smartphone: You need to download Ring Central Meetings App. Once in app, select Join Meeting (do not try to sign in). Meeting number is 217-367-6171.
  • To join shiur by phone, dial 1-773-231-9226.  Enter meeting #217-367-6171 when prompted. Please use mute button unless you are asking a question.
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