Kiddush Sponsors - Re'eh

Friday, 14 August, 2020 - 2:40 pm

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Sholom Elharar in honor of the many heoros of the Rebbe encouraging him to make farbrengens. May they and the entire community be blessed with kol tuv se’ela.
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Simcha Frankel for the yahrtzeits of Rabbi Simcha Frankel’s mother Ratza Liba bas Reb Chaim ob”m and grandfather Reb Mannis ben Reb Yitzchak Leib Halevi ob"m. May the neshomos have an aliya.
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Yehuda Lerman in honor of the marriage of their son Mendy. May he be Zoche to build a binyan aday ad.
  • Mr. David Milner for the yahrtzeit of his mother Shayna bas Reb Shlomo ob"m. May the neshomo have an aliya.
  • Reb Sholom HaKohen Rosenfeld in honor of the ufruf of his son Dovid HaKohen. May he be Zoche to build a binyan aday ad.
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